#DefiWinter is a winterlong celebration, summit, and hackathon for decentralized finance and blockchain for enterprise. Starting November 1st, developers from all around the world can team up with each other and get direct access to industry professionals to solve the biggest issues surrounding the blockchain space. Workshops, games, mentorships, prizes, and so much more. Get involved in this once in a lifetime event!


<LEARN/> - All Novemeber

<BUILD/> - December - February 13th 11:45PM EST

<SUMMIT/> February 14th - February 28th

Minority Programmers is an international network of developers unifying to build socially impactful software projects and spread STEM education to marginalized communities.

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,000 in prizes


$3000 in XRP for those who build on the XRP Ledger

NFT Use Case

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Shadman Hossain

Shadman Hossain
Blockchain Engineer

Parviz Rozikov

Parviz Rozikov
Software Engineer

Alexander Makeev

Alexander Makeev
Software Engineer @ Arcadia

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton
Principal Developer Advocate at RippleX

Sergii Zhuravel

Sergii Zhuravel
Lead Software Engineer , Absio

Taras Baranyuk

Taras Baranyuk
Senior Data Scientist @ Bidease

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity: Quality of Features
    Are your features meaningful and add to the overall quality of the product?
  • Technical Complexity: Comprehensive Project
    Does your solution have comprehensive features or does it look like you just put something together?
  • Technical Complexity: Efficiency
    Is your code efficient? Do you use efficient algorithms?
  • Practicality: Accessibility
    Will your help communities most in need? Mobile?
  • Practicality: Effectiveness
    Does your solution solve one of the challenges we are facing in the DeFi space?
  • Practicality: Portability and Usability
    Is your code easy to run and works on multiple systems?
  • Presentation of Product: UI Design
    Does your application look visually clean across different size devices? Mobile-first design?
  • Presentation of Product: UX
    Is your application's user experience intuitive and is the current state clear or does the user have to make assumptions about what your application does?
  • Code Cleanliness
    Is your code easy to understand? Does it have clear comments that are not cluttered and have a purpose for explaining your code?
  • Originality of Work
    Is your idea novel? Do you not plagiarize and properly credit others for their contribution?

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